Quickstart Guide

Register for our developer portal and create your playground app to start building.

Register for our developer portal

  1. Register for our developer portal using the invite code provided by Carta. If you have an existing Carta account, click Login at the bottom of the registration page.


When registering, please ensure you have logged out of the Carta app, and sign-up with a different email that is not associated with a Carta account.


Don't have an invite code? Join our waitlist

If you don't have a developer portal invite code, please sign-up for our waitlist using this form and email [email protected].

  1. Check your email and click Verify Email

  1. Add your name, secondary email, and password to activate your developer account

  1. Login to your developer account

Create a playground app

  1. Click Create App

  1. Fill out the below details for your app and click Submit
  • Icon: This icon is shown in a variety of places within Carta and will be used by end users to identify your app. For example, this icon appears on the end-user authorization page if your app is using the authorization code grant type. Must be square with a minimum size of 300px x 300px, in JPG or PNG format.
  • Name: The name of your app.
  • Description: This is a description of your app
  • Company name: The name of your organization.
  • Homepage URL: The URL of your application's or company's homepage
  • Grant type: The OAuth grant type your app will use to access Carta data
  • Callbacks: A list of one or more URLs (using http or https schemes) for the authorization code flow. After the end user authorizes your access, we will redirect their user agent to the URL you provided in your original call, which must match one of the URLs you provide here.
  • Scopes: A selection of API endpoint scopes needed for your use case.

  1. Click View app details

  1. View and save your API credentials
  • client_id: The unique identifier of your OAuth app
  • client_secret: Your app secret. Do not share this with anyone or expose this externally. Treat this like you would any other password or authentication token and safeguard it carefully.


Secure your client_id and client_secret

Make sure you store these values securely and never share them with anyone outside your organization.

  1. Start testing in our Playground environment! Check out our Postman collection to help you get started.