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Authentication & Testing

How are Carta APIs authenticated?

Carta’s API uses the OAuth 2.0 open specification to authorize your access to our data, and supports AUTHORIZATION_CODE and CLIENT_CREDENTIALS grant types. Please see more details on our OAuth flow.

What are the data fields provided via the APIs?

Our API Reference documents response fields and definitions for each API endpoint under the section labeled Responses, 200.

What are the base URLs for each environment?

The base URLs are as follows:

  • Playground: https://api.playground.carta.team
  • Production: https://api.carta.com

Can I interact with sample data prior to getting playground access?

Yes, Carta offers a mocking service that provides sample API response data.

I've run into an INSUFFICIENT_SCOPE 403 error when trying to access an API. How can I resolve this?

This issue might be two-fold: either the scope has not been enabled for your application, which can be updated via our developer portal, and/or the end-user has not enabled this particular permissions for your organization to access. Read more about understanding scopes.

What are the rate limits for your APIs?

See details about our rate limits for the Playground and Production environments.

API Endpoints

Does the Investors - Get Capitalization Table API include fund of funds?

No, at this time the API and underlying cap table sharing does not support visibility for fund of funds.

Do the Issuers - Certificates APIs include cancelled certificates?

Yes, and we have a canceledDate field in the API response to indicate these certificates.

Are the details of transfers between two stakeholders noted in the Issuers - Securities APIs?

No, these types of security transfers are not currently supported.


Which Carta logos should I use within my app?

Please reference this link for Carta's approved in-app marketing assets.

I'm ready to access production APIs. How can I get access?

We have a list of requirements and instructions for receiving production access.


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