Using Postman with Carta's API

How to use Postman to access Carta's API


This guide explains how to access Carta's APIs using Postman. We show you how to configure Postman with the clientID and clientSecret we gave you during the registration process, generate an access token, authorize access, submit a request for Issuers, and see our response.

If you want Postman to automatically generate an access_token using the OAuth authorization flow, see this Postman OAuth documentation.

How to setup Postman


Using the Collection

  1. Run Postman and click the Import button:

Step 1

  1. From the File tab, click Upload Files:

Step 2

  1. Select the carta-api-platform.postman-collection.json file you downloaded and click Open:

Step 3

  1. Confirm that the NAME field shows "Carta APIs" and click Import:

Step 4

  1. You will now see a "Carta APIs" entry in Postman's Collection section:

Step 5

Note: This collection's endpoints point to our playground environment by default. If you would prefer to send requests to our mock environment, you can specify this by clicking the Variables tab and changing the CURRENT VALUE of the baseURL variable to Authorization is not needed for the mock environment, so if you are sending requests to this environment, skip ahead to step 10.

  1. Click on Carta APIs, click the Authorization tab, scroll to the bottom, ensure that Authorize using browser is selected, and fill in the fields as follows:

Then, click the Get New Access Token button.

Step 6

  1. A browser window will open to Carta's login page.

a. Choose a playground persona based on your use case.
b. Your browser will go directly to Carta's OAuth "Authorize Account Access" page.
c. Select one or more resources you want to access.
d. Click Authorize.

Step 7

  1. Your browser will redirect you back to Postman, and Postman will confirm that authentication is complete. Make sure that is one of the redirect URLs that you registered for your application.

Step 8

  1. Postman generates an access token using the token endpoint. Click the Use Token button to update your configuration.

Step 9

  1. For any endpoint you would like to send a request to, click the Authorization tab and change the Type to Inherit auth from parent.


API base URL needs updating

Please update the API base URL to

Step 10

  1. Optionally, you can specify query parameters to send with your request. Click the Params tab, select the desired entry under and fill in the value.

Step 11

  1. Click Send. Postman will submit the request and you will see our response in Postman's Body section:

Step 12