Submitting Open Cap Table Files

How to submit Open Cap Table Format packages to Carta

Carta's Create Open Cap Table endpoint accepts a ZIP archive of files defined according to the Open Cap Table Format (OCF). The response contains a UUID identifying the submission and additional information about it. During Carta's private beta, we store OCF submissions and will process them in a future development phase.

idThe identifier (UUID) of the package.
createTimeWhen the package was submitted.
completeTimeWhen processing completed.
stateThe status of the package.
detailsAdditional information about the package's importation and processing.

The state object reflects the current status of the submission.

PROCESSINGCarta is processing the submission.
SUCCEEDEDCarta has processed and stored the submission.
FAILEDCarta is unable to process the submission.

Checking the status of a submission

Submit the UUID from the openCapTables response to the Get Open Cap Table endpoint to receive information about that submission.